• Jamie Dalglish: Three Triptychs

    Date posted: August 28, 2011 Author: jolanta


    pull up your socks poppy
    don’t let him eat alone
    left eye onto left eye
    across the room
    the devil eats alone



    Jamie Dalglish: Three Triptychs




    A Dinner Conversation

    pull up your socks poppy
    don’t let him eat alone
    left eye onto left eye
    across the room
    the devil eats alone

    wild red roses wilting away his blues
    ducking into the club the lily pond
    playing the hazy river beyond Mingus
    where koi act like laughing lunatics
    smashing into forks of reeds and mud

    the stone slab lies headlong
    above a waterfall
    she is gone because she’s clever
    yet he holds onto time
    where the left eye will see
    her smile in the silence

    around the wall onto a distance with the rest
    Edith will place six name cards
    around the dinner table
    where it will sit four guests
    a dinner conversation is starting
    by us two joining the rest




    The Fourth Sibelius Sonata

    A kiss will be
    Drifting in the fog
    the snow

    His manhood
    found its
    as an echo
    in another’s touch

    where it goes
    while white light
    becomes dyslexic

    In another’s touch
    his sentences
    project music
    if by letting go

    Leaping off the cliff
    the feather starts
    drifting down
    where beauty leaves its smear

    You just never know…




    White Out

    Stay by the hearth ’til the embers glow
    The cloves shall pierce an orange
    Pipes shall play
    Pluck the Harp
    Bang on a Drum
    It’s alright
    If you wont play
    It’s alright

    The smell of her shadow
    Swans into the room
    Into the light of another’s dream
    Away in repose
    Her lover stays
    That’ll be okay
    Deep in her soul
    That’ll be okay

    A Clipper Ship shears off to sea
    Cutting starboard from the harbor
    Under a crescent moon
    Its soft kiss blankets her sleep
    Warming her instincts
    Flashed by the beacons of inner light

    While in the deep river
    Occasional sounds
    Like ghost ships
    Lapping moonlight
    Along the edge of the pool
    Like a swimmer’s arm
    Along the edge of a dream

    Holding onto their dreams
    Yet wont last there long
    Deep in their veins
    Currents transfigured by pain and boredom
    Fog horns blasting signals
    We’ll always hope
    It means something
    Where the machine
    Leaves Father’s message;
    “Love you love you love you”

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