• Isabelle Habegger

    Date posted: January 27, 2014 Author: mauri

    Image courtesy of the artist.

    My work aims to take a fresh view on what you see, far away from conformity. It is not that I take on a distant or distinguishing view: it is rather through my very personal and individual perspective and power of expression that the work speaks to the spectator.

    Living today in a world with multiple stimuli from all kinds of sources, I visit my inner spiritual inspirations and thoughts rather than the external world for my work. I combine and compose different shapes, moods, and colors to become very close to nature, the nature which gave birth to all of us and which is still inherent in us.

    Isabelle Habegger studied from 1994-1998 at the University for Design (Schule für Gestaltung) in Zurich. She is also a sculptor; Art teacher and a performance artist.

    kunst-schaffende.ch / kunst-schwyz.ch

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