• Inge Mair

    Date posted: December 14, 2012 Author: jolanta
    inge mair

    I was born in Wiener Neustadt/ Austria on April 19, 1959. Having always had a great interest in art, I started painting early in life. I attended several art classes and travelled a lot around the world; all the while my interest in painting and knowledge about art was increasing over the years. I soon succeeded in receiving several awards among others including the Maulbertschpreis.

    Light, color and nature are the three most important factors in my work. I prefer strong powerful colors and my topics are taken from my own experiences and my environment; topics such as a meadow with tulips, a forest in spring, the silhouette of famous cities or splendid landscapes. However, it is my aim to slowly get free from my basic motif and determine the expressive atmosphere by an individual form of expression.

    I’ve had exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg and Croatia.  Participation in Art Fair Rotterdam, Innsbruck, Shanghai, Taipei, Palm Beach and Arezzo.  My pictures can be seen in private collections and public galleries.


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