• Honoring Nepal, The Rubin Museum of Art

    Date posted: May 5, 2015 Author: jolanta

    Honoring Nepal

    Honoring Nepal

    The Rubin Museum of Art has deep institutional and personal connections with Nepal, its people, traditions, and material culture. The Museum’s collection of art, for example, includes almost 600 works of Nepalese origin. As devastating news and photographs continue to emerge from the region, the world is shocked at the effects of the earthquake.

    The Rubin Museum’s mission is rooted in forging sustained connections, through art and ideas, to the Himalayan region. In that spirit, we extend our hearts and minds as Nepalese, and millions of others across the globe, confront the loss of life, injuries, and devastation to the built environment of the region.

    Many of you are looking for ways to help and connect with the affected communities in the region. We have created this page as a resource: learn how you can support, engage with the Nepalese art and cultural heritage from our collection, and check back frequently for updates on special programs and activities at the Rubin.

    Recommended Ways to Support

    Recommended Ways to Support

    In the aftermath of the earthquake, many of you are asking: “How can I help?”

    Here is a list of vetted organizations on the ground looking for financial support.


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