• Our Heartbeats Quicken for Pulse Art Fair

    Date posted: May 5, 2014 Author: mauri
    Pulse Art Fair was great in 2013. We have a feeling 2014 will be even better.
    Pulse Art Fair was great in 2013. We have a feeling 2014 will be even better.

    Now in its 10th year and under the new direction of Helen Toomer, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair is continuing its commitment to fostering an exhibition atmosphere where visitors can engage with contemporary works while in dialogue with well-known galleries and arts organizations. This year, the fair will be divided into a handful of specifically focused sections, each one addressing a separate goal or viewpoint in the contemporary art world, in order to present viewers with a dynamic, multi-faceted experience. IMPULSE will highlight talent from up-and-coming galleries, giving them a voice among those already on the scene, and in a similar vein, the POINTS exhibition will show the work of alternative models and not-for-profit arts organizations. The fair aims to present a variety of media through PULSE Projects, which will focus on large-scale sculptures, installations, and performances, and PULSE Play, which will showcase digital arts as curated by ART21. In a further effort to encourage conversation, and engagement with the works on display, there will be daily, critically-minded discussions concerning the contemporary art world in a series called PULSE Perspectives. Finally, visitors can attend PULSE Prize, where a distinguished jury will award a grant to one of the artists on display at the fair.

    PULSE runs from Thursday, May 8,2014 to Sunday, May 11, 2014. See the fair website pulse-art.com for hours and ticketing information.

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