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    Curator Marika Maiorova invites you to join the Artist Private Opening on April 28th, 6-8 pm.


    “If I can’t dance I don’t want to be a part of your revolution”
    Emma Goldman.

    In the same way original libertarians defended the sex industry, Belgian born New York artist Serge Strosberg challenges freedom of speech and subject matter in the artworld by talking about fifth wave feminist movements and old school pornography.

    Recently we have been seeing hypocrisy in the form of religious conservatism taking over the Western World, climaxing with pope hiding female breasts on paintings in and around Vatican for the visit of the Iranian President; can it get any more ridiculous? For years most art fairs have maintained a high luxury sedated atmosphere and even non-commercial art fairs have remained politically correct. Soft nude paintings are removed from several European exhibitions. Why is it still rare to see art exploring the theme of pornography?

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    Photo by Eva Mueller

    There are many reasons for the comeback of feminism Today. More than ever, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign makes it a hot topic. However, feminism talked about by a male artist is still generally overanalyzed and overrated. This creates lack of freedom of expression for men. At the risk of being accused of objectification, Serge Strosberg does not just paint women; he paints humanity to contemplate enduring existential questions. Before that, he painted the gay subculture and prior to that he painted African immigrants in Paris, his friends, his neighbors, fellow artists, people he admired or found interesting.


    Serge Strosberg creates a brave and voyeuristic installation – life size adult dvd store on a quiet New York’s still authentic East Village street, in Studio 26 Gallery, located in the storefront of the famous NYC’s Mosaic Building, two doors down from the world renowned guitar store TR Crandell Guitars.  

    Similarly to Damien Hirst’s Pharmacy and Banksy’s Pet Store, Serge Strosberg’s Girlsgirlsgirls viewers will be lured by thinking they will be entering a real adult dvd store where they will encounter in fact feministic imagery: monumental paintings that use cult adult movie posters from the “golden age” (original titles and similar colors) as backdrops, the original actors replaced by the activists advocating freedom for women;  conceptual silkscreens with contrasting titles; LED light art objects; installation with dozens of fake adult dvd’s, video art juxtaposing S&M imagery, scenes of feminists protests and fragments from adult movies “Deep Throat”, “Debbie Does Dallas”, and Pussy Riot and Femen performances, as well as actual live performance. This tightly packed small gallery space site-specific installation is well suited to contemporary New York City.


    Freedom and Feminism are at stake in the 2016 American presidential debate.

     Gender-Queer Anarchist Mia Kunter portrays Hillary Clinton on April 28 and 29. Protesters from all parties (Pussy Riot, Femen, Guerilla girls, Hillary, Trump) are invited on the 29th.

    Special guests New York based performance art collective Legacy Fatale will be presenting “Thunder” a choreography embodying the Amazon Warriors federation of power as they recruit a contemporary army of women. Legacy Fatale’s practice brings myth and feminine eminence into consciousness-raising communities.


    Exhibition is curated by Marika Maiorova.

    GirlsGirlsGirls will be open to the public April 26-May 2,  11 am – 8 pm.
    Video art screenings, artist talk and performances will be programmed throughout the week.
    Private artist reception and special performance: Thursday April 28, 6-8 pm.
    Public reception: Friday April 29, 6-8 pm.
    @ STUDIO 26 GALLERY is located at 179 East 3rd street, NY, NY. Tel: (212) 300-4725

    For more information please contact maiorovamarika@gmail.com

    Serge Strosberg +1 (561) 317 76 57


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