• Gigi Rigamonti

    Date posted: June 27, 2013 Author: mauri
    Courtesy of the artist

    Courtesy of the artist

    It has been said that every work of art has an autobiographical feature. Somehow–more or less obvious–the artwork reflects the character of its creator. My three-dimensional works are polyhedral: expression of a free agreement between geometric severity and creative freedom. There are unknown virtues that contribute to recognizing an alchemy between two far and at the same time near realities in the surname Rigamonti, which can be divided into riga (line) and monti (mountain). Non-Euclidean geometry is required to understand that the line–closely linked to an earthly logic–needs the mountain to be such: its celestial reflex is full of an inner metamorphic ambition. They reach their completeness only together, one cannot occur without the other. The line–in its chtonic one-way attitude–needs the mountain to express itself; as the mountain needs the line to confirm its celestial vocation.


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