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    Ten (Of the Many) Notes We Took at Frieze Art Fair:

    Date posted: May 14, 2013 Author: mauri
    Frieze tent

    1. Everything looks better in a tent. The natural light in that fair was amazing!

    2. Large NYC Galleries are still killing it, but smaller international galleries are holding their own by showing insightful and poetic work. (Which is often easier to ship and just as fun to look at.)

    3. Liam Gillick and Carl Andre can look really sharp together.

    4. Richard Aldrich is an artist that is highly unpredictable. We were pleasantly surprised by this quiet painting of forms meticulously adhered to canvas.

    5. Jack Early knows that everyone likes a good Beatles joke.

    6. James Nares’ road paint works really bring the heat, commanding attention with their bold contrast and recognizably durable materials.

    7. Dan Colen’s work is often as fashionable as it is art historically clever.

    8. We’ve always loved Linda Benglis’ panache, and her work for being beautiful – but didn’t see her sculpture as dangerous until some little kid crawled under her piece.

    9. Imi Knoebel’s intimate paintings don’t get enough credit for their stunning use of color.

    10. Tom Friedman’s work really summed it all up; fun, large, tempting, and ultimately impossible to fully digest. (Yeah, everyone else took this picture too, we know.)

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