• Francesco Siclari

    Date posted: May 24, 2012 Author: jolanta


    As a child I had an innate facility for painting


    Courtesy of the artist.




    I was born in Campo Calabro (RC) July 2, 1940.  In 1952, my family moved to Piedmont, on the outskirts of Torino. As a child I had an innate facility for painting. I have always drawn in a variety of media including china marker, tempera and watercolor. At first oil was inaccessible, the materials were too expensive. I had to make sacrifices and never dared to ask any money for the my work. One day, July 2, 1961, on my birthday my brother gave me 10,000 lire. I immediately went to Torino  and bought a box of paint for 7,200 pounds. Finally I could paint with oils! After my studies I became dedicated to oil painting.

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