• February 4, 2008

    Date posted: February 4, 2008 Author: jolanta

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    International Top News

    Australia Returns Stolen Map To Spain

    has handed a 526-year-old map back to Spain, the Australian Associated
    Press reports. The map, which dates back to 1482 and was stolen last
    year from the National Library of Spain, is from a rare edition of an
    atlas known as the Cosmographia, prepared by 15th century cartographers
    using the calculations of the second-century Greek astronomer and
    geographer Claudius Ptolemy, who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. Last
    August, thieves took the map, along with 14 other rare documents, from
    the library, and the map, estimated to be worth about $145,000, passed
    through the hands of dealers in Argentina, London, and New York before
    it ended up in a Sydney art gallery, where it was recovered during an
    investigation by Interpol and the Australian Federal Police. A
    Uruguayan-born researcher, Cesar Gomez Rivero, is being held in
    Argentina and has been charged with the theft of the maps. "It is a
    great moment for Spain and, I would say for all Spaniards," said
    National Library of Spain director Milagros del Corral. "We all have
    lived this as a real mutilation of our heritage." (Artinfo, February 4,2008)


    Saatchi Buys "Candy-Colored" Himmler Portrait

    Charles Saatchi has paid about $5,940 for a Jasper Joffe portrait of
    Heinrich Himmler, the Nazi who planned the Holocaust, for a new gallery
    he is opening in Chelsea, London, this spring, the London Times reports.
    Saatchi bought the painting from Joffe’s exhibition "Beauty Show" at
    London’s V22 Gallery, in which paintings of Nazis and scantily clad
    models are juxtaposed in a concept the 32-year-old artist calls
    "fashism." "It’s meant as a satirical exaggeration of the idea of
    sexist male artists looking at women," said Joffe, whose father is
    Jewish. London’s Whitechapel Gallery has withdrawn promotional support
    for the show. (Artinfo, February 4, 2008)

    Openings and Art Events on Tuesday, February 5

    New York:

    -Martyn Jones at Robert Steele Gallery, www.Robertsteelegallery.com
    – “Enigmatic Visions” at Agora Gallery   www.Agora-Gallery.com  
    -“Jasper Johns: Gray” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art www.metmuseum.org
    – Ann Marie Rousseau: Interior Light, 6-8 pm at Soho Photo Gallery  


    -Eric Zammit: Acrylic Constructions at Scott Richards Contemporary Art,
    San Francisco, CA       www.srcart.com


    – Sigmar Polke ‘Uran & Interferenzen’ at Springer and Winkler
    Galerie, Berlin, Germany       www.springer-winckler.de

    Art Fair and Biennial Reminders from Art Fairs International

    – International Miniprint Finland, November 16, 2007–February 3, 2008, Lahti, Finland
    – Utrecht Manifest, November 24, 2007–February 11, 2008, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    – Club transmediale, January 25–February 2, Berlin, Germany
    – Göteborg International Film Festival, January 26–February 4, Göteborg, Sweden
    – Watercolours and Drawings Fair, January 31–February 3, London, United Kingdom
    – Anima, February 1–9, Brussels, Belgium
    – ARTéNÎM Grenoble (Alpexpo), February 1–4, Grenoble, France
    – Palm Beach | America’s International Fine Art & Antique Fair,
    February 1–10, West Palm Beach, Florida

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