• Erica Fromme

    Date posted: September 10, 2011 Author: jolanta


    “I construct paintings out of multiple layers, which are reworked over and over again.”

    Courtesy of the artist.

    Author: Dr. Marta Oberrauch-Melniczuk, Robb Kvasnak, Ed.D.

    During the process of creation, abstract configurations experience a revival, becoming a lively and stirring existence under the brush of Erica Fromme.

    Erica Fromme brings a fantastic creature to life, which seems to attain an everlasting existence through the reduction of technical means in accordance with the painter’s artistic impulses, using but limited means in regards to form and color.

    Constructed of elementary geometrical shapes such as circles, ellipses, triangles, and rhombuses, the creature of the praying mantis looks out through an utterly mathematical structure in its individual constitution at those contemplating the picture communicating to them its existentialism, its delicate body shape, and its decisive will to live.

    The individual parts are held together by means of the zestful black line, which similar to our spines form the balanced and supporting function for the image. This line is anchored in the bottom part of the painting by means of a sharp angle that appears laterally, also painted in black, so that the praying mantis is balanced in stable equilibrium.

    Her figure is not static but rather understood as a dynamic shimmering through the finely drawn wings and limbs. These are, as is the main part of the body, painted in tones of gray, supplemented by three smaller dot-like red surfaces, which point to the insect’s vigilance and desire to catch a prey. If one were to connect the red dots, a quasi-mirrored image of the black line would appear. By this means, equilibrium between the insect’s livelihood in its composition and its acts of impulse comes into existence.

    In a figurative sense, this painting by Erica Fromme embodies a strong will to live, the beauty of the creature, and a great deal of luck in existence.

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