• Diego Villasenor

    Date posted: April 20, 2011 Author: jolanta



    Diego Villaseñor, Cara , 2011, Digital Photography, 25.2 x 16.8 inch. Courtesy of the artist. 
    Diego Villaseñor, Corazon, 2011, Digital Photography, 25.2 x 16.8 inch. Courtesy of the artist.



     Diego Villasenor

    I was born the youngest of three in Mexico City, in 1985. I have always been very independent. Traveling interested me; the amazing landscapes and scenery inspired me to try different styles and experiment with colors and textures.
    I have always liked photography, but I discovered my passion while studying new media abroad in New Zealand.
    I started doing some freelance work in the last year of my bachelor’s degree for Interactive Design. I have been doing projects for editorial photography and commercial movies, but I always left time for my personal work.

    I love all aspects of photography; planning, shooting and editing, and I’m always looking for ways to spark creativity, I specially enjoy those moments when things surprise you and you need to improvise. It makes my work more interesting. No matter what the subject is, I strive to deliver a consistently strong visual aesthetic that focuses on punchy textures and shapes.

    In my work I find myself looking for visuals that are a little ordinary but not quite. I try to look for that je ne sais quoi that tells a different story to different people. I believe that each person’s experiences help weave a different meaning to each image but still maintain certain consistency.
    For the series “Different Use” I used a common plastic bag, I wanted to portray a different look. It is a simple item that can take 500 years to break down. It is so mundane and yet so powerful.

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