• December 7, 2007

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    International Top News

    Bansky’s Self Criticism

    Banksy says the first major exhibition of his work in New York, at Vanina Holasek Gallery, is unauthorized, Bloomberg reports. The artist, whose primary dealer is Lazarides Gallery in London, said on his Web site that the Chelsea show, featuring 62 paintings and prints sourced by London’s Bankrobber Gallery, is "unlikely to be worth visiting." His Web site says the same of his current authorized show in Bethlehem. (Artinfo, December 7, 2007)

     Zeisler’s Gifts

    Thanks to the low-profile Manhattan private investor and art collector Richard S. Zeisler, who died in March, 16 art institutions are welcoming important 20th-century works into their collections, reports the New York Times. Zeisler, who had no immediate family, divided his collection of some 110 works, valued at around $100 million, among institutions including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the National Gallery of Art in Washington and the Museum of Modern Art. (Artinfo, December 7, 2007)

    Openings and Art Events on Saturday, December 8 Sunday, December  9, and Monday December 10

    Saturday, December 8

    New York City:

    — "Small Rays of Hope and Fragments of a Larger Idea," Group Show, 2-5pm @ Rhonda Schaller Studio  www.rhondaschallerchelsea.com  http://www.rhondaschallerchelsea.com
    — " Imaginary Arsenals," Group Show, 4-6pm @ Cuchifritos Art Gallery/Project Space www.aai-nyc.org/cuchifritos/ http://www.aai-nyc.org/cuchifritos/
    — "122 for $122," Benefit, 5-7pm @ PS122 Gallery  www.ps122gallery.org
    — Vicki Niolet, "Boxing Katrina," 3-8pm @ Ward-Nasse Gallery www.wardnasse.org http://www.wardnasse.org
    — Group Show, 3-6pm @ Medialia…Rack and Hamper Gallery  www.medialiagallery.com http://www.medialiagallery.com
    — Group Show, "Tranquility," 6-8pm @ A-forest Gallery www.a-forestgallery.com http://www.a-forestgallery.com


    —  Violet Oakley, "The Holy Experiment: Violet Oakley Mural Studies," @ James A. Michener Art Museum Doylestown, PA  www.michenerartmuseum.org
    — Group Show, "75th Annual Cumberland Valley Artists Exhibition," @ Washington County Museum of Fine Arts Hagerstown, MD  www.wcmfa.org
    — Judith Ghashgjaie, "Itacas," 7-10pm @ Art Rouge Gallery, Miami, FL  www.artrouge.com http://www.artrouge.com


    — Andy Warhol, "300 Art Works, One City," @ Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane Queensland, Australia
    — Hu Youben, "Invisible Elephant," @ Yan Club Arts Center Beijing, China
    — Jitish Kallat, "Paintings, Sculptures, & Photographs," @ Gallery Chemould Mumbai, India  www.gallerychemould.com http://www.gallerychemould.com

    Sunday, December 9

    New York:

    — Cordula Volkening, "YOU: an Invitation to my Destination" 4-8pm @ Brooklyn Artist Gym  www.myspace.com/corulavolkening
    — Douglas De Nicola, "Discussion of the significance of bamboo and rattan in Japanese design," 3:00pm @ The Noguchi Museum www.noguchi.org


    — "Beijing Rong Bao 2007 Autumn Auction," @ Rong Bao Auction Beijing, China www.art139com http://www.art139.com

    Monday, December 10

    New York:

    — Group Conversation, "Show/Tell 03: Stith & Schnock and Jane Kramer," 7pm @ Goethe-Institut New York www.goethe.de/newyork  http://www.goethe.de/newyork

    Art Fair and Biennial Reminders from Art Fairs International

    — PragueBiennale3, May 16 to Sept 16, Prague, Czech Republic
    — Edinburgh Art Festival, July 26 to Sept 2, Edinburgh, Scotland
    — Art Nocturne Knocke, Aug 4 to 15, Knokke—Heist, Belgium
    — DigiFestival, Aug 15 to Sept 15, Florence, Italy
    — Helsinki Festival, Aug 17 to Sept 2, Helsinki, Finland
    — Montreal World Film Festival, Aug 23 to Sept 3, Montreal, Canada
    — ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Aug 31 to Sept 30, Kuopio, Finland
    — The Mercosul Biennial, Sept 1 to Nov 17, Porto Alegre, Brasil
    — 10th Istanbul Bienniale, Sept 8 to Nov 9, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
    — Time—Based Art Festival, Sept 9 to 18, Portland, USA
    — The Athens Biennial, Sept 10 to Nov 18, Athens, Greece
    — 20/21 British Art Fair, Sept 11 to 16, 2007, London, UK
    — Bienniale de Lyon, Sept 17 to Jan 6, 2007, Lyon, France

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