• December 5, 2007

    Date posted: December 5, 2007 Author: jolanta

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    International Top News

    Paris’ Censorship Issue

    An exhibition of contemporary Russian art in Paris made headlines weeks ago when Russian culture minister Alexander Sokolov embargoed two dozen of the artworks—including The Era of Mercy by Blue Noses, which depicts two male Russian police officers kissing—preventing the works from traveling to Paris and calling them a disgrace to Russia. (Artinfo, December 5, 2007)

    Russia’s First Kandinsky Prize

    Russian sculptor Anatoly Osmolovsky was presented with Russia’s first Kandinsky Prize for contemporary art yesterday for T-72, a bronze work inspired by a Soviet tank turret, Bloomberg reports.  (Artinfo, December 5, 2007)

    Openings and Art Events on Thursday, December 6

    New York City:

    — "Less is More," Group Show, 6-8pm @ 511 Gallery  www.511gallery.com/ 
    — Chris Dunker, "Dismantling Geneva Steel," 6-8pm @ 511 Gallery  www.511gallery.com/  
    — "humble arts + mark batty publisher present: a field guide to the north american family: the exhibition," Group Show, 7pm-12am @ Gallery Bar  www.humbleartsfoundation.org/ 
    — Sylvia Netzer, "Hopeful Monsters," 6-8pm @ A.I.R. Gallery  www.airgallery.org/
    — Luisa Sartori, "Lines and Weather," 6-8pm @ A.I.R. Gallery  www.airgallery.org/ 
    — Kharis Kennedy, "Fixed Value," 6-8pm @ A.I.R. Gallery  www.airgallery.org/ 
    — "Phranc: Curated by Ann Magnuson," 6-8pm @ CUE Art Foundation  www.cueartfoundation.org/highres.html
    — "Ron Linden: Curated by Peter Plagens," 6-8pm @ CUE Art Foundation  www.cueartfoundation.org/highres.html  
    — Toshio Ohi, "Ohi Ware," 6-8pm @ Onishi Gallery www.onishigallery.com
    — Paul Brach, "Recent Paintings: His Last Hurrah (1924-2007)," 6-8pm @ Flomenhaft Gallery  www.flomenhaftgallery.com/ 
    — "Money," Group Show, 6-8pm @ Hewitt Gallery of Art, Marymount Manhattan College  www.mmm.edu/ 
    — "Holiday!," Group Show, 6-8pm @ BUIA Gallery  www.buiagallery.com/ 
    — "Bazel Shmazel," proceeds benefit ACRIA, 6-8pm @ Cedar Lake Theater  rsvp@abenyc.com
    — New Museum Resource Center @ Brooklyn Navy Yard  www.surroundart.com 


    — Francesca Berrini, 5:30-7:30pm @ Mark Wolfe Contemorary Art, San Francisco, CA  www.wolfecontemporary.com/ 
    — Sarah Lenore Nelson, "Part Desire," 6pm @ The Tricycle, San Francisco, CA  www.thetricycle.org/ 
    — "Loose Connections," Group Show, 7pm @ PKIRKEBY, San Francisco,  CA  www.pkirkeby.com/ 
    — "Celebrating 35: KSW’s Annual Holiday Party & Art Auction," 6:30-9:30pm @ Kearny Street Workshop’s space180, San Francisco, CA  www.kearnystreet.org/  
    — "Selections 2007," Group Show, 7-9pm @ 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA  www.111minnagallery.com/ 
    — Tabitha Calhoun, "White Out," 7pm @ 20 GOTO 10, San Francisco, CA  www.twentygoto10.com/ 
    — "Joseph Cornell: Collaborations And Cinematic Influences," 6:30pm @ SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA  www.sfmoma.org/     
    — Art Basel @ Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL  www.artbaselmiamibeach.com/go/id/ss/lang/eng/ 
    — Bridge Art Fair: Miami ’07, 5-10pm @ The Catalina Hotel and Beach Club, Miami, FL  www.bridgeartfair.com/ 
    — "It’s Kind of Endless," Group Show @ Quality Pictures, Portland, OR  www.qpca.com 
    — Sharon Harper, "Moon Studies and Star Scratches," 5-7:30pm @ The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA  www.printcenter.org 
    — Vera Viditz-Ward, "Dakar Portraits," 5-7:30pm @ The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA  www.printcenter.org 
    — Laura Wagner, "That’s Women’s Work," 5-7:30pm @ The Print Center, Philadelphia, PA  www.printcenter.org 


    — "The Rolling Stones: The Decca Years" @ V!P’s International Art Galleries, South Holland, Netherlands  www.vipsart.nl  

    Art Fair and Biennial Reminders from Art Fairs International

    — PragueBiennale3, May 16 to Sept 16, Prague, Czech Republic
    — Edinburgh Art Festival, July 26 to Sept 2, Edinburgh, Scotland
    — Art Nocturne Knocke, Aug 4 to 15, Knokke—Heist, Belgium
    — DigiFestival, Aug 15 to Sept 15, Florence, Italy
    — Helsinki Festival, Aug 17 to Sept 2, Helsinki, Finland
    — Montreal World Film Festival, Aug 23 to Sept 3, Montreal, Canada
    — ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Aug 31 to Sept 30, Kuopio, Finland
    — The Mercosul Biennial, Sept 1 to Nov 17, Porto Alegre, Brasil
    — 10th Istanbul Bienniale, Sept 8 to Nov 9, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
    — Time—Based Art Festival, Sept 9 to 18, Portland, USA
    — The Athens Biennial, Sept 10 to Nov 18, Athens, Greece
    — 20/21 British Art Fair, Sept 11 to 16, 2007, London, UK
    — Bienniale de Lyon, Sept 17 to Jan 6, 2007, Lyon, France

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