• December 12, 2007

    Date posted: December 12, 2007 Author: jolanta

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    International Top News

    Stolen Items

    More than 100 ancient artifacts, including ancestral statues, have been stolen from Central Sulawesi province in Indonesia and are being sold at galleries on Bali, an Indonesian legislator said on Tuesday, Agence France-Presse reported. “These various artifacts have been stolen from the Lore Lindu plateau since 2000, and we have seen ourselves about 100 of them being offered for sale in galleries in Bali,” said Asmir Podungge, a lawmaker from the Poso district. “They were sold at high prices, including one stone ancestor statue known as Batu Nongko, which is said to have been sold for five billion rupiah,” or $537,000. (Benjamin Toff for The New York Times, December 12, 2007)

    Beyond Basel

    Last month all eyes were on New York’s Impressionist/Modern and Postwar/Contemporary Sales as the latest gauge of the art market’s health. Except for one hiccup, everything went well (actually very, very well), and an entire industry breathed a sigh of relief. In the month since, the strength of the contemporary market has been reconfirmed several times over, most notably at last week’s extravaganza in Miami. But what about other sectors of the market? While much of the art world was at Basel, last week’s record-setting auctions of antiquities, African art, and ancient jewelry in New York and Paris showed that there is enough health—and wealth—for art markets of every color and stripe. (Artinfo, December 12, 2007)

    Openings and Art Events on Thursday, December 13

    New York:

    — Matthew Vescovo, "Instructoart- Lesson 8,"  6-8pm @ Galeria Ramis Barquet www.ramisbarquet.com
    — Michael Anderson, "Media Violence," @ Marlborough Gallery, Inc. www.marlboroughgallery.com 
    —  Group Show, "Beyond Light Bulbs," @ Eyebeam Art and Technology Center www.eyebeam.org
    — Group Show, "Misc. Video and Performance," 6-8pm @ NY Studio Gallery www.nystudiogallery.com 
    — Grant Miller, "Constructed Realities," 6-8pm @ Black and White Gallery www.blackandwhitegallery.com
    — Stephen Wright, "Recent Paintings," 6-8pm @ Gallery Henoch www.galleryhenoch.com 
    — Group Show "Conti, Evangelistsi, Pansini" 6-8pm @ M.Y. Art Prospects www.myartprospects.com
    — Hiroshi Senju, "New Light from Afar," @ sundaramtagoregallery www.sundarmtagore.com
    — Group Show, "The Wild Style Exhibit: A Retrospective of the Graffiti Art Movement Circa 1980-85," 7-10pm @ Gallery 151
    — Group Show, "Non Objective Art," 7-9pm @ Mimi Ferzt Gallery www.mimiferzt.com
    — Liz Phillips, "Ginko Afterglow: Sound Paper Video," 6-8pm @ Safe-T-Gallery www.safetgallery.com
    — Group Show, "Jewelry, Picasso to Kenny Scharf," 3-9pm @ Neuhoff Edelman Gallery www.neuhoffedelman.com
    — Group Show, 6:30-8pm @ Lesley Heller Gallery www.lesleyheller.com
    — Katerina Kampiti, "Astoria Nocturnes" @ Broadway gallery www.broadwaygallery.com
    — Kenro Izu, "Stillness," 6-8pm @ Howard Greenberg Gallery www.howardgreenberg.com

    — "The Filtered Landscape" @ Tang Contemporary Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand www.tangcontemporaryart.com

    Art Fair and Biennial Reminders from Art Fairs International

    — PragueBiennale3, May 16 to Sept 16, Prague, Czech Republic
    — Edinburgh Art Festival, July 26 to Sept 2, Edinburgh, Scotland
    — Art Nocturne Knocke, Aug 4 to 15, Knokke—Heist, Belgium
    — DigiFestival, Aug 15 to Sept 15, Florence, Italy
    — Helsinki Festival, Aug 17 to Sept 2, Helsinki, Finland
    — Montreal World Film Festival, Aug 23 to Sept 3, Montreal, Canada
    — ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Aug 31 to Sept 30, Kuopio, Finland
    — The Mercosul Biennial, Sept 1 to Nov 17, Porto Alegre, Brasil
    — 10th Istanbul Bienniale, Sept 8 to Nov 9, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
    — Time—Based Art Festival, Sept 9 to 18, Portland, USA
    — The Athens Biennial, Sept 10 to Nov 18, Athens, Greece
    — 20/21 British Art Fair, Sept 11 to 16, 2007, London, UK
    — Bienniale de Lyon, Sept 17 to Jan 6, 2007, Lyon, France

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