• December 11, 2007

    Date posted: December 11, 2007 Author: jolanta

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    International Top News

    Basel Draws Record-High Crowds

    Art Basel Miami Beach closed its sixth annual installation Sunday reporting higher overall attendance, more gallery participation and more international media coverage than in past years. Messe Schweiz, the art fair’s owner, reported 43,000 visitors attended the fair, which officially kicked off Dec. 6 but began informally with collector parties, museum exhibition openings and other cultural events on Dec. 3. (Daniel Chang for Miami Herald, December 11, 2007)

    French Fight Back

    Veteran Time magazine correspondent Don Morrison wrote in last week’s issue that French culture has become parochial despite it being state subsidized, sparking vindictive responses from the France’s culture establishment, the BBC reports. Morrison wrote that most recent French films appeal only domestically, that few new novels today find publishers outside France, that London and New York are now more important visual centers than Paris, and that current French pop stars are unknown to most Americans. (Artinfo, December 11, 2007)

    Openings and Art Events on Monday December 10

    New York:

    — Group Show, "Painting and Sculpture," 6-8pm @ Marlborough Gallery www.marlboroughgallery.com
    — Lucian Freud, "Selected Etchings," 6-8pm @ @ Marlborough Gallery www.marlboroughgallery.com
    — Inaugural Reception 5:30-8:30pm @ James Graham & Sons Gallery www.jamesgrahamandsons.com
    — Rosalyn A. Engelman, 6pm @ Gallery 440  www.engelmanart.com


    — Prof. Semir Zeki FRS, "Empty Spaces- the Neurobiology of Nothingness," Lecture 6:30pm @Louise T. Blouin Institute www.ltbfoundation.org
    — Xia Xing, "Xia Xing – 2006" @ Beijing branch of Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing-Lucerne, Beijing, China, January 26 to March 29, 2008   www.galerieursmeile.com 
    — Du Jie, "Du Jie – Until We Meet Again" @ Beijing branch of Galerie Urs Meile, Beijing-Lucerne, Beijing, China, January 26 to March 29, 2008  www.galerieursmeile.com 

    Art Fair and Biennial Reminders from Art Fairs International

    — PragueBiennale3, May 16 to Sept 16, Prague, Czech Republic
    — Edinburgh Art Festival, July 26 to Sept 2, Edinburgh, Scotland
    — Art Nocturne Knocke, Aug 4 to 15, Knokke—Heist, Belgium
    — DigiFestival, Aug 15 to Sept 15, Florence, Italy
    — Helsinki Festival, Aug 17 to Sept 2, Helsinki, Finland
    — Montreal World Film Festival, Aug 23 to Sept 3, Montreal, Canada
    — ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Aug 31 to Sept 30, Kuopio, Finland
    — The Mercosul Biennial, Sept 1 to Nov 17, Porto Alegre, Brasil
    — 10th Istanbul Bienniale, Sept 8 to Nov 9, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
    — Time—Based Art Festival, Sept 9 to 18, Portland, USA
    — The Athens Biennial, Sept 10 to Nov 18, Athens, Greece
    — 20/21 British Art Fair, Sept 11 to 16, 2007, London, UK
    — Bienniale de Lyon, Sept 17 to Jan 6, 2007, Lyon, France

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