• Davyd Whaley

    Date posted: May 22, 2011 Author: jolanta

    Davyd Whaley

    “My finished pieces contain meandering strokes, thick with color and texture.”


     Davyd Whaley

    Courtesy of the artist

    Davyd Whaley

    The genesis of my art comes from my dreams and my subconscious with a basis in spiritual beliefs and Jungian psychological connections. In more technical terms, I am drawn to asymmetrical forms and the energy and power provoked from the contrast of light, depth, and color. I paint by building up thick layers of pigment with a palette knife to more effectively achieve special color effects. A raised surface is important in my paintings to convey feelings and contribute a three-dimensional effect to the overall piece. Creating thick layers of vibrant color is a technique that master artist Vincent Van Gogh also used. My finished pieces contain meandering strokes, thick with color and texture. I paint in episodes, each work expressing a moment, each canvas a spiritual sequence, like dreams linked in our subconscious by ethereal themes or meanings. We do not get all the information on how to live our everyday lives in just one dream. They come in short, little bursts like thunderstorms. Just like storms, dreams have patterns if we piece them together. That is the heart and soul of my work.

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