• David Kastner at Gallerie Ico Preview

    Date posted: April 17, 2008 Author: jolanta
    Multi-media artist, David Kastner’s
    innovative and exciting work primarily sculptural in outlook, has moved
    into the realm of painting. With his Technicolor swirling and dripping
    abstractions, the marbleized effect of his radiant palette often breaks
    the boundaries of the traditional “frame”. Expanding his custom-made
    surfaces that raised like reliefs, he creates multi-leveled surfaces of
    paint. It is in such works that his sculptural background becomes most
    apparent. In some works he allows crackling to occur—fracturing the
    skin of the paint, resulting in intricately subtle and varied surfaces.
    These works and others will be on view in a group show entitled Free Art Tomorrow at Gallerie Icosahedron in New York in April, opening Friday April 25, 7PM-9PM.

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