• David Gerstein

    Date posted: November 29, 2013 Author: mauri
    Image courtesy of the artist.

    Image courtesy of the artist.

    I am a painter and a sculptor, a draftsman and a craftsman. I am an Israeli artist who seeks to transcend the limits of two-dimensional painting through three-dimensional sculpture. My oeuvre attempts to break down the existing barriers between the work of art and the spectator by creating enchanting and direct visual expressions—from intimate, naive compositions to large scale, theatrically choreographed scenes. My easily discernible aesthetic lexicon developed gradually, symptomatic of the search for a hybrid language, which would simultaneously convey the mundane and the imaginary, the local and the universal, interwoven with autobiographical elements. My art exudes a conscious interplay between the unique hand-made work of art as “high art” and the reproduced simulacrum as “low art.”


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