• Dariusz Mlącki

    Date posted: May 20, 2013 Author: mauri

    Darek Mlącki Opt
    My art is clearly contemplative in nature. I paint on canvas, timber boards, and cork sheets. I make sculpted objects using string, or make spatial and  illusive painting objects. The array of colors is quite limited to various shades of white, grey, black, or brown. As an artist, I oscillate on the border between a minimal geometric abstract art and representation.

    Turning paints into colors, colors into light, light into space, and space into a meaning. I harbor an incessant desire to achieve a harmony of consonance, a perfect form. Objects which can be found in my paintings are strongly meaningful: candles, envelopes, windows, doors, and mirrors. However, I do not set the process of symbolizing in motion. My symbols are resting ones, and thus they provoke the viewer to be taken up on his or her own, and are followed up mentally in an unknown direction.

    My works always enter into strong relationships with the space, and with the architecture of the place they are displayed. They interfere, complement, and as a result, transform the space. What I do is not really painting the objects as such, but rather, trying to reconstruct them within a new space. It becomes rather hard to decide to what extent it is still physical and to what an extent it is already imaginary. I do not paint a window in my picture; rather, I strive to make the painting itself become a window. The works, hanged on a wall, open before the viewer illusively. They contain new areas, which are sometimes filled with dispersed mild light, and which sometimes can be a black abyss.

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