• Chansoo Hwang

    Date posted: September 24, 2010 Author: jolanta

    Deep emotions and inspirations come from everywhere.

    Deep emotions and inspirations come from everywhere. They come up to me sometimes as a strong impression and sometimes as a vague feeling from nature, travels and everyday life. The deep emotions and inspirations are stored, as simple esquisses or passages and photographs, which helped me not loose the first impression that I got. I never try to unite and press them out by force but wait till they mature and are filtered within me and I let them erupt naturally. Sometimes it takes a long time; sometimes it doesn’t.

    I like the freedom in working, so I don’t need the perfect and well made or planned esquisses. But I only need simple esquisse or short word that evoke inspiration and deep emotion.

    Freedom, inspirations, deep emotions and sometimes extempore expressions render me free, energetic, and excited. I don’t want to stick to only one theme but want to work from many motifs and inspirations, deep emotions and new experiences from everywhere. By doing so, I hope I can convey my thought and life through my work.

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