• Nathalie Chiasson

      Nathalie Chiasson

      Tuesday, 11 September 2012 19:33

      From the beginning of my career, I found inspiration from the old method of coffee wash. With my own unique complexity and originality, I bring this technique up to date. Using impastos, which give my work an almost sculptural aspect, I place my subjects on canvas by superimposing alternately rich layers of acrylic and coffee. […]

    • Peter borotinskij

      Peter Borotinskij

      Tuesday, 11 September 2012 19:27

      Since my childhood, I have been interested in drawing.  As a child colored pens and a piece of paper were given to me by my mother. In 1955, I participated in a drawing competition arranged by the finish radio broadcasting company. I won. I was six. Today, I paint in oil, make graphics and choose […]

    • ania_toledo

      Ania Toledo

      Tuesday, 11 September 2012 19:22

      Ania Toledo was born on October 3, 1957, in Cabaiguán, Sancti-Spíritus, Cuba. In 1993, she received a graduate degree from the Centro de Arte de Ciego de Avila, Cuba. She garnered several awards and honorable mentions, including: Honorable Mention at the Landscapes Salon of UNEAC, Sancti-Spíritus, in 2002; Jardín Botánico Prize at the Landscapes Salon […]

    • Carmen_Rantzuch_Doll

      Carmen Rantzuch-Doll

      Thursday, 30 August 2012 15:54

      Painting for me is the presentation of a joyous balance of color and experimentation with various materials. My painting process involves many layers and sometimes combating emotions. It takes a long time to look at one of my works as complete. But each painting is unique; each brushstroke is imbued with a high-voltage-like-expression as well […]

    • malini parker

      Malini Parker

      Thursday, 30 August 2012 15:33

      Whilst not intending to realistically depict the Australian landscape, my paintings are inspired by Australia’s red centre, endless skies and edgy dependence on rainfall for its very survival. As a migrant, I have developed a deep, passionate love for this country.  And its beauty, peacefulness, majesty and grace have been both a comfort to me […]

    • giorgio_gost

      Giorgio Gost

      Thursday, 30 August 2012 15:29

      STOP THE TIME! Is a way to save items that we use every day for the next millennium (closed and full of liquid or solid as we drink or eat ) and is a way for people to remember to begin, from art, a journey that can ”slow” things a little.  Slow the art, the stock […]

    • suzanne-fortin

      Suzanne Fortin

      Thursday, 16 August 2012 16:15

      Suzanne (SÜ) Fortin’s inspiration comes mostly from her experiences around the world, particularly in Africa, her “second home.” In creating her 3 dimensional art on canvas, she feels like an instrument through which pictures and words are played out on the canvas, as if, like an orchestra, each color, paper, wire, and recycled object becomes […]

    • cristina_arnedo

      Cristina Arnedo

      Thursday, 16 August 2012 16:00

        Combining the smoothness of oil with the coarseness of sand, Mexican artist Cristina Arnedo creates flowing canvases filled with rich colors and textures. Here, she searches for harmony among different materials and colors that frequently contrast, finding equilibrium between the hardness and softness of form, vibrant and subtle colors, light and dark elements. For […]

    • Allan Friis

      Allan Friis

      Thursday, 16 August 2012 15:42

        During beginning of 2010 Friis got an idea to develop a kind of imagery, simplified to symbols like icons, which at the same time could be used to express a complex course of events and also drama, rich with associations. The specific pictures could not only be single symbols. They could also, through combinations […]

    • britt bernard

      Bernard Britt

      Thursday, 16 August 2012 15:35

      I am fascinated by spontaneous creating, by exploring and combining various techniques: 1. China ink, automatic drawing, often on home-made paper 2. Acrylic and Oil Painting (big size, gestual painting) 3. Ceramic ( mainly japanese ”Raku” firing) 4. Papiermâché, Glass, Silver, and Wood britt-bernard.lu   *** This article was published by NY Arts Magazine, 2011. […]

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