• Courtesy of the artist.

      Marlies Koster

      Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:50

      All pieces of my seven-part series of “levensdingen” (life episodes) represent universal experiences during the life of a human being: love, hatred, joy, sorrow, friendship, animosity, fear, security, victory, defeat life and death.The pictures are painted with strong contrasts as vigorous brushstrokes in sober colors work to depict strong emotions. The skin is rendered vulnerable, […]

    • naydene_gonella_opt

      Naydene Gonella

      Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:43

      My paintings reflect a search for reconciliation between apparent contradictions. Whether it be creation and destruction, sexuality and spirituality, light and dark, or accidental and intentional, I express these dichotomies through process. My pieces are created by layering, collaging, glazing, and painting different elements together. I then destroy certain parts of the image by stripping […]

    • mario_passarelo

      Mario Passarello

      Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:36

      My art is emotional, sentimental. It is painting in motion—everything flows, everything passes quickly, like life itself. This painting depicts the poet of the infinite, the world and his inner strength and I attempt to pass this along to the audience. I aim to make my paintings feel alive, strong and full of hope. It […]

    • Leila_Munteanu

      Leyla Munteanu

      Thursday, 18 April 2013 15:15

      For me, the process of creating is what is important. The energy and feeling in those moments, the process … is what breathes life. Through my work, I want the audience to see the beauty that I see, a beauty that some people fail to notice. My artwork is not a copy of reality but […]

    • henriette_lorentz_opt

      Henriette Lorentz

      Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:56

      I studied at Aarhus Kunstakademi in Denmark. My surreal and dynamic universe is full of personified animals, fables and women, all giving us subtle glances. My works, full of life, show both humans and animals in touching situations. My pieces express a pronounced energy, with crisp, subdued colors glowing with rich texture. The layers of […]

    • debbie_head_opt

      Debbie Head

      Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:56

      I was born in Midland, Texas in 1951. I attended Stephens College and Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts where I earned a degree in documentary photography in 1976, studying under Jerome Liebling. An abiding curiosity of nature’s wonders underlies much of my work. “My photography is about sharing … sharing my love of life, of […]

    • Anne Kristine Thornsby

      Anne Kristine Thorsby

      Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:52

      I am an artist from Norway who graduated from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 1989. My art has developed from powerful drawings to colorful and expressive oil paintings with abstract elements from nature. My art has been described as follows: “Thorsby’s signature element of light reverberates through all her paintings, whether from […]

    • Claudia-Casaletti_opt

      Claudia Casaletti

      Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:50

      Walk-on actors are an endless succession of etched portraits, where both background and theme take possession of the image with equal amounts of power. Uninterrupted lines flow from faces to the surrounding area, and vice versa. The etched mark is the only protagonist; everything else is simply a walk-on actor. www.kongsfjordatelier.net

    • Jesus_Cabanas_opt

      Jesus Cabanas

      Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:42

      Speaking of his painting, is governed by the strong impact of expressive color, developed through effects creating ever minimalist concepts of open spaces where one contemplates the work can be immersed and feel part of it. Through its unique insight and self-learning, based his compositions in contemplation of multiple images and situations of nature, which […]

    • dorel_topan_opt

      Dorel Topan

      Wednesday, 17 April 2013 19:38

      I paint contemporary realism, inspired by pop art, approaching a hyperrealist style. I arrange puppets or objects of consumption that evoke sentimental moods while personally witnessing the hypocrisy of contemporary man’s relationship with objects of consumerism. I want my work to expose contemporary idols and highlight the loneliness of the individual in question. doreltopan.com

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