• In Conversation: Acheson, Olson, Swords, LaRocco, JJ Manford & Paskow

      Thursday, 17 November 2011 22:51

      Peter Acheson: We were in Yellowstone Park a few summers ago with my kids. We get out to Wyoming and my daughter starts getting symptoms of Bell’s palsy. The doctors are like, “We can’t deal with this here, we gotta get her to an ER.” All of a sudden this young RN comes out going, […]

    • Dear Jason, Letter From Europe

      Tuesday, 15 November 2011 20:38

      Having been remiss in the article I promised to send you I thought that I would list all of the very good artists that are not overly known in the U.S. that I came across during my brief sojourn in Europe this summer. I will forward this outline as a beginning to what was promised. […]

    • In Conversation: Emily Auchincloss Interviews Laura Newman

      Tuesday, 15 November 2011 18:59

      Emily Auchincloss: You started out making large installations. For an installation artist, space is a primary medium, and you have maintained its primacy in your paintings. Why did you switch to working on canvas? Laura Newman: I had been painting directly on walls and floors and it made me sad to paint everything out at […]

    • Galerie de Roussan Presents: Study of a Territory

      Monday, 14 November 2011 21:21

      Galerie de Roussan is pleased to present “Study of a Territory”, a group show with Ghislain Amar, Nastassia Conquet, Pablo Cavero, and Hannah Wade. Conceived and curated by Thomas Arsac, this exhibition presents four young artists whose practice has been inspired by traveling abroad to live in a new territory. First of all there is […]

    • A Shiver in the Workshop of the Brain

      Thursday, 10 November 2011 17:08

      Henri Michaux (1899-1984) enjoys the best kind of posterity. On a small street in Paris – all of one block long – crowded with handsome galleries showing the fearsome, minutely crafted totems of Africa and Oceania, his paintings draw a steady stream of people who look at them not because they want to buy an […]

    • Fantastic Lonely-Heart: Hyong Nam Ahn

      Wednesday, 9 November 2011 18:07

      The starting point of art is the resistance of death and time. Artists pursue possibilities to overcome and transcend the limitation of time in their works. Hyong Nam Ahn’s installation, “Fantastic Lonely- Heart,” implies the search for the limitation of time. This work is a simply composed sculpture and a kind of site-specific installation using […]

    • The Monsters of Stefanie Gutheil

      Tuesday, 8 November 2011 19:55

        Darkness is never absolute; there is always a beam of light that illuminates the depths. Stefanie Gutheil fills her murky vision with distorted imaginative images of creatures culled from her unconscious that in time constitute the genesis of fresh ideas, turbulent progenitors of creative evolution. The artist establishes baroque tableaux of dream-like hybrids that […]

    • The Guggenheim Gets Renovated: Nicola Lopez’s “Landscape X: Under Construction”

      Tuesday, 8 November 2011 16:52

        Construction can elicit a diverse array of reactions. For some, it’s the beginning of an exciting business venture. For others, it’s the dystopian spawn of our commercialism-crazed society. For most, it’s just head-pounding racket. But for Nicola Lopez, it’s a vibrant and stimulating muse. “It’s absolutely beautiful and magical, yet totally overwhelming and completely […]

    • The Mask And The Mirror

      Wednesday, 2 November 2011 18:30

      Artist self-portraits have historically fascinated the public eye as they have become artists’ most personal and intimate expressions, but this trend has taken a particularly big turn in the past two decades among contemporary artists. As a young art student in the mid 1980s, I remember developing an obsession with the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo […]

    • Hans Haacke 1967 at MIT

      Wednesday, 2 November 2011 18:00

      Hans Haacke is a world-renowned artist whose work explores, both natural (such as geological and meteorological) and social (including governmental and corporate) processes. Born in Cologne, Germany, in 1936, Haacke received his degree in 1960 from the Staatliche Werkakademie in Kassel, Germany. He then worked in Paris at the print studio of Stanley William Hayter, […]

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