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    Bushwick Open Studios: You can’t see it all.

    Date posted: June 5, 2013 Author: mauri
    Bushwick Open Studios

    If you want to get inside the brain of an artist, take a look at where they work, live, eat sleep, and dream. To see all of that at once, take a look at their studio. You had the perfect chance this past weekend.

    Across the city people geared up for Bushwick Open Studios. Artists showing their work all over the place commune in the studios of Bushwick because of the abundance of spaces, most not terribly expensive. It is quickly becoming a creative hub, just for the fact that so many artists hang out and make work there all the time. It’s not really a scene that is readily available for those who are not artists. Often Bushwick is a place one may go out to a bar or get drunk waiting for their Pizza at Roberta’s, but if you have no connection to the studio/Gallery scene that is so alive there, you may just overlook it entirely.

    That’s why Bushwick open studios is so great. People from all parts of NYC, and all strata of involvement in the arts are welcomed into Bushwick for one hectic, art-filled weekend every year. They are invited to peer into the minds of the creatives thriving in this tucked away corner of Brooklyn. The result is something to the effect of an art fair, except more spread out and with a bit of a party atmosphere.

    We sent our photographers out to cover the event.  Although no one could cover it all, what we ended up with is a pretty good representation of the overall feel of the event. To get the full effect, pour your wine into a plastic cup or crack a beer while you peruse our images. Everything looks better that way.

    All images taken in the travels of contributing photographer Steffi Lynn Tsai.

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