• Brian Cypher at Schema Projects

    Date posted: April 19, 2013 Author: mauri

    Image courtesy of Schema Projects.

    Brian Cypher isn’t afraid to do his thing. Working prolifically with all kinds of drawing and painting materials throughout his career, he seems to be comfortable producing powerful yet whimsical abstractions, no matter the scale he chooses. Schema Projects being a space specializing in works on paper, Cypher’s drawings on display here are a selection from work produced over a twenty year span. Amazingly, one finds it a challenge to figure which works were created when. All of the works share a visual relationship governed by Cypher’s ability to make seriously considered abstractions appear playful and easy.

    Relationships between works become more prevalent and visual tropes can be traced between works as the cunningly composed layers of paint open up into vibrant abstract spaces. Cypher is a master of playing with the reveal/obscure abilities of paint, and has a skilled eye in composing the relationship his layers have to one another.  Mostly modest in size, the work is able to open up to the viewer the longer one spends time in the gallery.

    A highlight on view are his smaller works of cut cardboard from food packaging collaged with circular graph paper. The works all play with the given radius of the graph paper, in a cutting exercise that creates abstractions which are determined by the parameters of the materials. The restriction of their dimensions creates a visual folding of space into itself, which produces various forms, all of which take part in the same formal conversation.

    The exhibition is a “must see” and will be on view through April 28th.



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