• Black Speculative Arts Movement Convention

    Date posted: April 19, 2017 Author: jolanta
    Credit Michael White / Miguel Blanco

    Credit Michael White / Miguel Blanco. ©Bronx Museum of the Arts

    The Bronx Museum of the Arts welcomes the Black Speculative Arts Movement (BSAM) 2017 Convention, #BSAMFUTURISMO2017. BSAM is an annual Afrofuturism, black comics, film, and arts convention held throughout the United States and abroad. Read more >

    BSAM encompasses different positions or basis of inquiry: Afrofuturism, Astro Blackness, Afro-Surrealism, Ethno Gothic, Black Digital Humanities, Black (Afro-future female or African Centered) Science Fiction, The Black Fantastic, Magical Realism, and The Esoteric. BSAM conventions include live performances, seminars, classes, hands on workshops, a full international film festival via MECCAcon, plays, sales of comics, art, and artisan creators, and much more. Students are welcome to submit proposals to participate.

    Free Admission

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