• Beyan Ramsey’s “Soft Tissue” Explores a Tough Issue

    Date posted: March 13, 2013 Author: mauri

    “It was pork-making by machinery, pork-making by applied mathematics. And yet somehow the most matter-of-fact person could not help thinking of the hogs; they were so innocent, they came so very trustingly; and they were so very human in their protests-and so perfectly within their rights!” – Upton Sinclair, The Jungle

    Beyan Ramsey takes a step back from the camera as he investigates meat and our experience with it. Through a series of sculptures that fuse together cast-moldings of pigs, cows and human body parts, “Soft Tissue” chronicles the transition from animal into meat. With life-like pieces molded together in a seamless continuity – but left headless, splayed and drained – the audience is forced to face Ramsey’s faceless emphasis on the materiality of flesh. Human and animal becomes one. Meat is seen as an object of both beauty and disgust, as well as a product of nature and civilization.

    Rhéal Olivier Lanthier reflects, “Most of us are carnivores, but we try to keep a distance between ourselves and the industries that provide us with our daily dose of animal. In this new body of work, Bevan Ramsey pushes us towards a possible future of meat making — one that does not look seductive.”
    Bevan Ramsay: Soft Tissue will be on view at Art Mûr in Montréal, Québec, Canada from March 9 – April 27, 2013.

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