• B. Wurtz and Triple Canopy: History Works

    Date posted: April 19, 2013 Author: mauri


    Working in tandem with Triple Canopy, B. Wurtz’s work at Bureau spans a lifetime of sculptural and media exploration. An artist who has become known for a sensitive touch in the careful regard for the use of the everyday object, Wurtz is here shown to have been creating in this vein for much of his life.

    Beginning with a family of sculptures the artist completed as a child displayed in the front window of the space, the exhibition also includes work from the artist’s Photo/Object series. These pieces investigate viewer perception in presenting a new work of sculpture situated along side a photographic image of the same work taken from an alternate perspective.

    Having worked to collaborate with Triple Canopy for a number of months, the exhibition coincides with a viewing of Wurtz’s early video work on April 17th. This will be followed by a discussion with the artist Josh Tonsfeldt and Triple Canopy contributing editor Hannah Whitaker.

    For more information regarding coinciding events surrounding the exhibition, please consult the following links.


    April 14 – 25, 2013
    127 Henry Street
    New York NY 10002

    Image courtesy of B.Wurtz

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