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Keith Mayerson and Peter Saul at Robert Blumenthal Gallery

Keith Mayerson and Peter Saul July 8-August 8, 2014 Robert Blumenthal Gallery 1045 Madison Avenue, 3A New York City

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Group Show at Munch Gallery

  Featuring: Amos Mac, Erik Foss, Hein Koh, Scooter LaForge Summer Exhibition 2014 July 16 – August 10, 2014 Opening: July 16, 7 – 9pm Munch Gallery 245 Broome Street New York City  

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Leah Oates Talks Art and NYC with Judy Blum Reddy

Leah Oates: How did you become an artist and what is your family background? Judy Blum Reddy: I wanted to be an artist since childhood. My parents fled Austria because of the war and I was born shortly after their arrival. As an only child, they were always very supportive of my whimsies. I went […]

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Environmentally Conscious Art Installations

Rachel Wingfield and Mathias Gmachl Carefully composed electro-luminescent strands are woven into large parasols that are able to offer shade in the heat of the day as well as provide a source of light at night. The light is emitted from a network of solar cells which are embedded in the canopy of these dynamic […]

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One Burning Question with Peter Demos

Peter Demos isn’t afraid to trim things back. Using a strategically reduced color palette and limiting his language of abstraction at every turn, his work is hard-edged, bold, and easy to identify as his own. To someone who just came across the work, it may look quite compositionally homogenous. In this week’s One Burning Question, […]

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Xigue-Xigue at Marc Straus

Featuring: Jeffrey Gibson, Jong Oh, Charles Hinman, Paul Pretzer, Sam Jinks, Ulf Puder, Chris Jones, Antonio Santin, Marin Majic, Florian Schmidt, John Newsom, and Entang Wiharso. Xigue-Xigue July 2-August 22, 2014 Marc Straus Gallery 299 Grand St. New York City

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Huma Bhabha at VeneKlasen/Werner

Huma Bhabha May 2-July 26, 2014 VeneKlasen/Werner Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26 Berlin  

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New Acquaintances at Chambers Fine Art

Featuring: Chen Baoyang, Fu Xiaotong, Gama, and Wang Fengge New Acquaintances July 10-August 16, 2014 Chambers Fine Art 522 West 19 Street New York City

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Debating the Darkness: Talking Film with Abinadi Meza

Matthew Hassell: Your work takes many forms from writing, to sound, to moving image. Is all of this part of one rolling, organically forming vision, or do you see them as separate pursuits? Abinadi Meza: Working across a range of formats lets me explore very specific aspects of the concepts and materials I’m interested in. […]

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Bianca Sforni at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery

Bianca Sforni: Trees from the Pacific Shores May 29-July 12, 2014 Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery 547 W 27th St. 2nd Floor New York City

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