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    Date posted: March 24, 2008 Author: jolanta

    Click Below for a complete list of New York Art Fairs and Events March 27-30

    A Complete Guide to New York Art Fairs and Events

    A Complete Guide to New York Art Fairs and Events
    artfairswewek A Complete Guide to New York Art Fairs and Events

    The Greatest Art Show On Earth—New York The Global Art Capitol



    New York Art Fairs

    Thursday, March 27—Sunday, March 30, 2008


    Max Protech Gallery Annual Armory Brunch

    Saturday, March 29, 10am

    The gallery will host its annual Armory Show brunch starting at 10am. 

    On view are exhibitions by Byron Kim and Qiu Jiongjiong (project space).

    Max Protetch, www.maxprotetch.com

    Komen Reception ArtNOW Fair
    Friday March 28, 7-9pm

    Bridge New York Opening Night Reception
    Thursday, March 27, 5–10pm
    Special performance by Amanda Lepore at 7:30
    Homage to the Tunnel
    Hosted by Amanda Lepore, Michael Musto, and Screamin’ Rachel Cain, DJ Scotto
    Spins Tunnel Classics
    The Waterfront, 269 11th Avenue

    Opening Night After-Party
    Thursday, March 27, 10pm
    Glass Lounge
    287 10th Avenue—two blocks from the Waterfront

    Midnight at the Mansion
    Thursday, March 27, 12:30a
    Mansion Nightclub
    530 W. 28th Street—minutes from Glass

    Mansion Late Night Bridge Happy Hour
    Friday, March 28, 11pm
    530 W. 28th Street—minutes from Glass

    6th Annual Williamsburg After Dark After Party
    Saturday, March 29,11pm- 3am
    Co-presented by the Williamsburg Gallery Association and Bridge Art Fair
    Supreme Trading, 213 N. 8th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

    White Box Speaks: Online/Offline Social Networking Sites
    Wednesday, March 26, 10:30am -12pm
    Moderator: Don Porcella

    White Box Speaks: Parallel Cities, Media Friction: Helsinki-Vilnius/Lisbon-Madrid/Athens-Istanbul
    Wednesday, March 26, 12pm-3pm
    Moderator: Juan Puntes

    White Box Speaks: Neo-Metaphysical Video
    Wednesday, March 26, 3pm-8pm
    Lecture by Robert Morgan

    White Box Speaks: Final Cut-Time, Space and Visual Narratives in Digital Technology
    Thursday, March 27, 10:30am – 12pm
    Moderator: Peter Duhon

    White Box Speaks: Video Avant-Garde: Early Experiences
    Thursday, March 27, 12pm-3pm
    Moderator: Thyrza Goodeve

    VideoArtWorld Screening: Program 1: Corporal Landscapes
    Thursday, March 27, 3pm-8pm
    Curated by Blanca de la Torre

    VideoArtWorld Special Program: Presentation of the exhibition Addictive TV
    Thursday, March 27, 8pm -10pm
    Followed by Cocktails

    26th Street Evening Viewing & Block Party
    Evening of Thursday, March 27th:
    7pm-10pm 26 AFTER DARK

    White Box Speaks: FINAL CUT – Uses of Video in Contemporary Art
    Friday, March 28, 10:30am -12pm
    Moderator: Don Porcella

    White Box Speaks: Video Art Market: Collecting the Intangible Heritage
    Friday, March 28, 12pm-3pm
    Moderator: Macu Moran

    VideoArtWorld Screening: Program 2! : Out of the Box
    Friday, March 28, 3pm-8pm: Curated by Heide Hatry & Elga Wimmer

    Working Practice (Part I): Organized by Modern Painters
    Saturday, March 29, 10:30am -12pm

    White Box Speaks: Russian Video
    Saturday, March 29, 12pm-3pm
    Moderator: Juan Puntes

    VideoArtWorld Screening: Program 3: Arrivals and Departures
    Saturday, March 29, 3pm-8pm
    Curated by Micaela Giovannotti

    White Box Speaks: Working Practice (Part II)-Organized by Modern Painters
    Sunday, March 30, 10:30am – 12pm

    White Box Speaks: Curating Time-based art: The Fourth Dimension
    Sunday, March 30, 12pm-3pm
    Moderator: Blanca de la Torre

    VideoArtWorld Screening: Program 4: A snake on a tree
    Sunday, March 30, 3pm-8pm:
    Curated by Marco Antonini  

      • PooL

        Opening Night at Star Lounge
        March 28, 2008 8:30pm-10:30pm
        2 complimentary drinks with PooL ticket
        Featuring poetry by:
        Laura Goode
        Emily Wolahan
        Ethan Hon
        Sara Femenella
        Stephanie Adams-Santos


    Chez Bushwick Presents: The Invention Of Minus One
    Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29, 7pm
    Choreography: Jonah Bokaer
    Virtual Décor: Michael Cole
    Music: Christian Marclay
    Costumes: Isaac Mizrahi
    Lighting: Aaron Copp
    Performed by: Holley Farmer, Rashaun Mitchell, Banu Ogan

    Mary Coble: Blood Script  (Performance)

    Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29 ongoing, from 1 to 6pm.

    Pulse Prize Presentation
    Saturday, March 29, 3:00 pm



    Opening Reception
    Thursday March 27, 7pm-9pm
    Benefiting GMHC, ($75. donation). Benefit tickets may be purchased at
    the event, or in advance by emailing or calling us at 917 273 8621.

    Bloggers and Their Impact on the Art World
    Sunday, March 30, 11:00 AM
    Moderator: Joanne Mattera, painter, Joanne Mattera Art Blog.
    Panelists: Edward Winkleman, Carol Diehl, Paddy Johnson, C-Monster, Sharon

    Collecting Contemporary Realism Now: Three Success Stories
    Sunday, March 30, 12:30 PM
    Moderator: Peter Trippi, editor of the magazine Fine Art Connoisseur.
    Panelists: art collectors: Lew Friedman, Jim Hawkins, and Gregory Peterson.

    The Fallacy of Art Appreciation and the Dilemmas of Criticism
    Sunday, March 30, 2:00 PM
    Moderator: Maureen Mullarkey, artist, writer
    Panalists: Lance Esplund, Laurie Fendrich, Nancy Grimes, David Carbone

    Art Fairs: Practical Considerations and Strategies for the Future
    Sunday, March 30, 3:30 PM
    Moderator: Margaret Mathews-Berenson. Independent Curator/Art Advisor.
    Panelists: Brooke Mason, Douglas Maxwell, Amy Wilson, Sique Spence




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