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    “This ‘live ballet’ brings a continuous element of chaos..”

    “This ‘live ballet’ brings a continuous element of chaos, surprise and joy, like a floating bubble, or a shimmering shrine, to one of the busiest avenues in New York City.”

    Courtesy of the artist and the Lab Gallery.

    LAB Gallery

    The Lab (for installation + performance art) is pleased to present Paris based artist Anne Ferrer in her first exhibition in New York City. Rooted in her experience of foreignness and the absence of an inherent sense of home, Anne’s nomadic and sensorial sculpture is an organically inspired installation that is transportable in a suitcase. Ed Rubin, the curator of Billowing Beauty, describes it as a “lush and sensuous, sensitive and bold, mysteriously animated, Parisian soufflé.” Comprised of five exuberantly colored, giant, hand-sewn modules; the installation, breathes, grows, and evolves in slow motion, to the ‘lighter than air’ music of Los Angeles based composer Carol Worthey. This ‘live ballet’ brings a continuous element of chaos, surprise and joy, like a floating bubble, or a shimmering shrine, to one of the busiest avenues of New York City.

    Anne Ferrer, who lives and works in Paris, comes from a Catalan family and has grown up in small rural town in South France. She has studied in the US, receiving her BFA from Oklahoma University and her MFA from Yale (1988). Ferrer has shown at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (2002), the Centre Pompidou (2005), France, the Blue Star, San Antonio Texas (2009), the School of Art Institute of Chicago (1996), the Ho Ham Museum in Seoul, la Casa de Americas in Madrid, the French Institute in Rome and Naples, etc, and has recently built a monumental installation for the Dumbo Art Festival in Brooklyn. She has collaborated with Perfumers (International Flavors and Fragrances) as well as pastry chef Jean Paul Hevin, for her multi-sensorial sculpters. Ferrer is currently busy preparing a show for this summer at Chateau d’Avignon, France. www.anneferrer.com

    Anne Ferrer collaborated with Composer Carol Worthey for her recent exhibit at The Lab. Worthey combines elements of classical, jazz and world music music into an expressive, playful mix that soars and breathes with life and color. Billowing Beauty was curated by writer, curator, and artist, Edward Rubin. His writings on art, culture, and entertainment, appear regularly in such publications as ArtNExus, ArtUS, D’art International, Flash Art, Hispanic Outlook, NYArts and Sculpture Magazines, as well as online as Artes Magazine, Huma3, and NY Theatre Wire.

    Billowing Beauty an Installation by Anne Ferrer with Carol Worthey, Curated by Edward Rubin is on view from May 13 – June 3, 2011. For further information, images or to schedule an interview with the artist, contact Danika Druttman on (212) 339-2092 or email rogersmitharts@rogersmith.com. The Lab Gallery. The Roger Smith Hotel, 501 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

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