• Anissa Berkani Rohmer

    Date posted: January 17, 2014 Author: mauri
    Image courtesy of the artist.

    Image courtesy of the artist.

    As an artist, I perceive reality in its purity: forms, colors, sounds, and the subtle nuances of emotions and dreams.

    My art explores themes such as exile, which is central for me. Exile means living outside one’s original homeland, being outside. It signifies absence, or rather non-presence; isolation, separation, distance. We are all exiles: each of us has many different identities. We are all the result of a journey.

    Humanity is at the heart of my work. As human beings we are not isolated but connected and influenced by the world, as is my work. My painting tells the story: my struggles, my journeys, my dreams, and my immense belief in our humanity.


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