• Anatoliy Lipkin

    Date posted: January 26, 2012 Author: jolanta


    “My point is to transfer my own vision onto the canvas”


    Courtesy of the artist.


    Anatoliy Lipkin


    Each artist represents his own vision, a reflection of the surrounding world over the prism of his own. Through his work people can recognize the spirit of the society, it`s values and the points of the time in which the artist living in. My point is to transfer my own vision onto the canvas with all its beauty, fear, love and passion that keeps shocking and terrifying. The message is, I`m trying not to open myself up to let everyone understand me. What is just more significant than to find ones own worth or to see everyone? My work is a “play on feelings.” I do my best to facilitate mixing the pleasant with it’s opposite, beauty with ugly, pacification with pain, holding all in a one completed equation.

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