• Ana Negro

    Date posted: September 22, 2010 Author: jolanta

    I like playing with forms and figures. I sit down with my pan and drawing book, make a curve, a corner, a line and nearly automatically the pen takes the initiative—

    Art goes beyond anecdote, and expressing  the essential, I use the tool of figuration particularly, and the human figure exclusively. 

    Even if one can recognize the classical aesthetic canon in the art work, the latter contains the disturbing look  of contemporary man.

    The use of photographic means in the creative process, the arbitrary change in lighting, subject to neither artificial nor natural approaches, wholly subjective and submissive to the requirement for plastic work, the choreographic deployment, the sculptural and at the same time architectonical conception of the human figure, the baroque-style of shape, and the quasi-minimalistic color reduction are the expressive resources that support my plastic activity.

    Ethics and aesthetics conjugated into shape and color equivalents.

    Briefly, a line of bodies held taut between past and future. 

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