Date posted: July 8, 2009 Author: jolanta
    A Unique One–Off Art Exhibition Where You Become The Art at Ghost Farringdon. Acclaimed artist Amos and Ghost Farringdon present a provocative and interactive visual feast where guests will become an integral part of the art exhibition.

    ALL THOU ART, which takes place on 9th July at Ghost Farringdon will highlight Amos’ ideas of using the body ‘as a blank canvas’ in an arresting naked performance. From the moment guests arrive they will become part of the creative process, being filmed and photographed to document their reactions to the work. A short documentary of these reactions will then be shown toward the end of the evening, and also on a webcam during and after the event.

    Amos has found the perfect backdrop in Ghost Farringdon, a unique space which has been entirely covered in graffiti by London street artists, in to which her painted body will blend. Her performances stress the connectivity of all things, sexual expression and the redemption of self and have attracted international acclaim in cities as far-flung as Rome, Hong Kong and Moscow, being described by Leon Max as “cunningly bewildering bombastic art.”

    Other performances will be provided throughout the evening, from talented female artists Poppy Jackson, Soozy Roberts, Ula Dajerling and Helen Sharp, as well as sound artist Jeff Cloke. All will continue on the theme of the body, but in widely varied forms of expression, from the use of installations and video by Roberts to the use of sticks, blood, earth, flags and TV aerials by Jackson. Along with Amos, these performances will combine to create a truly unique and thrilling display where visitors can overload their senses with art.

    After the show has finished the space will evolve into a nightclub once again, with revellers taking to the floor and dancing amongst the canvases and other pieces.

    Amos comments: ‘ I place my self within the painting and become part of it, the art is the person – the life that is making the work. The paintings are documents and a recording of an event, an action that happened – they are not the work; the action, the performance the improvised and impulsive moment is the work; the art is alive’. Taking part in this event is free, so come down and become art for the evening.

    ‘ALL THOU ART’ at Ghost Farringdon

    9th July
    Entrance Free
    Ghost Farringdon
    113-117 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3BX
    020 7278 2301

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