• Alexander Tsalikhin

    Date posted: January 27, 2014 Author: mauri

    Image courtesy of the artist.

    In my work I follow the traditional form of sculpture but also include some modern elements. A human in a calm, contemplative state, deep in dream or meditation is the most interesting theme for me. I strive to transfer into my sculptures the human world inside its own mind, when one is calm inside his own world.

    I work intuitively, with no pre-conceived plans. I don’t analyze what my work means or try to express any particular idea. A visual image comes to me, and I make a sketch. When I start sculpting, it often changes, taking on a life of its own and sometimes developing into something quite different. Materials are important. An unexpected juxtaposition of contrasting materials, like bronze and glass, attracts and inspires me. I think the creative process is a part of my quest for self- knowledge.


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