• Alexander Dimitrov

    Date posted: February 25, 2011 Author: jolanta

    Alexander Dimitrov was born in Rousse, Bulgaria.

    Alexander Dimitrov was born in Rousse, Bulgaria. By the age of 15, he had completed his studies with the famous Bulgarian artists Kiril Stanchev. He is a graduate from the Institute for Aesthetical Design in Bulgaria. Alexander paints in oil on canvas and mural of any sizes and he specializes in portrait and still-life. Some of his works are exhibited at the National Gallery of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria. He also has paintings in galleries in Germany and Poland and others owned by private Dutch collectors and the former Israeli ambassador in Bulgaria. Most of Alexander’s art is related to human psychology and the sense of time depicted through visualized metaphors.

    Alexander is available for hire. He specializes in portrait, as well as mural painting of any size imaginable. He paints in oil on canvas, board, or mesonite. The result is an old master’s-style realistic paintings that will last for over 500 years, before needing restoration. Great for archiving family old photographs due to the long life-span of the oil paint that is proven by time. There is no other medium that lasts as long as oil-on-canvas, of course assuming that the paintings are kept indoors and without very bright light directed at them. New print technologies emerge all the time, but to-date nothing lasts longer than the oil paint on canvas.

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