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    Date posted: May 10, 2011 Author: jolanta

     Sunny Fukushima, Airco Caravan

    Sunny Fukushima, Airco Caravan

    Sunny Fukushima, Airco Caravan

    Airco Caravan


    Cuddly or cruel? Nice or nasty? Airco Caravan is always looking for the thin line. Exploring the edge between sweet and sadistic. Power and freedom. Religion and emancipation. Free choice and oppression. Peace and war. Life and death. Juxtapose worlds of kindness and truth, and explore the friction between them. The images appear to be friendly faces and cheerful images in bright, vibrant colors. At a closer look, maybe they are not so nice at all. At what point the fine balance tips over from a sweet swimming pool image on a summer day to everything wiping out nuclear meltdown?

    Airco’s work is often called iconographic or Nu Pop Art; simple, strong, colourful images invite the viewer to take a closer look. Sweet and harmless but subconsiously disturbing. The images confront the viewer with existential, hidden questions, and leave it up to you to find the answer, if any. You may only find harder questions and confusion, or, if you choose, the soothing reassurance that nothing is wrong.

    Airco Caravan graduated at the Academy of Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands, and studied painting in New York. Currently lives and works in Amsterdam and New York City.

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