• Ai Weiwei Granted Visit From His Wife

    Date posted: May 18, 2011 Author: jolanta

    The Associated Press reports that the detained Chinese artist Ai Weiwei was granted a visit with his wife Lu Qing on Sunday. The brief, monitored meeting was his first contact with the outside world in forty-three days.


    Ai Weiwei


    “He has changed. His mood and demeanor are so different from the simple and spontaneous Ai Weiwei I know,” Lu said today. “It was obvious that without freedom to express himself he was not behaving naturally even with me.” Lu said the people who arranged the visit, who showed her no identification, made it clear that the scope of her questions had to be kept very narrow. “We could not talk about the economic charges or other stuff, mainly about the family and health,” she said. “We were careful, we knew that the deal could be broken at any moment, so we were careful.”

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