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    Date posted: December 10, 2013 Author: mauri
    Recent work by Adam Chodzko. Image courtesy of the Benaki Museum.

    Recent work by Adam Chodzko. Image courtesy of the Benaki Museum.

    You’ll see; this time it’ll be different is a site-specific working by the renowned UK artist. It takes place within the framework of the series “Artists in Dialogue with the Benaki Museum”, a collaboration with the British Council, which started in 2011 and aims to bring together artists from Greece and Britain.

    For his project, Adam Chodzko stages a retrospective exhibition of imaginary Benaki Museum posters from the near future, installed along the liminal space of the Pireos building’s ramp. Through this poster series, the Benaki Museum is seen to have spread into surprising and awkward venues across Greece, ending up scattered and yet whole. Accompanying this collection of future exhibition posters is a video which documents the various ‘private collections’ that have been custodians of these records of the museum’s activities. Revealing a series of ordinary domestic spaces where these posters have hung – and acquired their ‘aura’ from traces of age and use – we see that, rather than originating from official and national sources, they are on loan from diverse, remote and unexpected places.

    Adam Chodzko considers the museum as an emotional and idiosyncratic living being, which becomes increasingly hybrid and integrates into daily life. He imagines the moment where it reflects on its recent activities and challenges us to reconsider and deconstruct stereotypes regarding both its audience and its exhibits. This process leads us to make assumptions about who a museum might be for and who defines the meaning and value of a nation’s culture and thus takes responsibility for preserving and promoting it.

    In the spirit of the ‘Artists in Dialogue with the Benaki Museum’ programme, the installation You’ll See; This Time it’ll Be Different thus reflects on the role of the museum in the representation of history, memory, knowledge and tradition, as well as on the conditions of viewing and on the relation between artistic production and the institutional space of its reception.

    Chodzko’s work is the third project realized in the framework of the ‘Artists in Dialogue…’ programme. In its inaugural year (2011), UK artist Andy Holden engaged with the context of the Benaki Museum’s ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, while in 2012, Greek artist Antonis Pittas created a sensory installation using the interior ramp of the Benaki Museum’s Pireos Street building.

    Adam Chodzko was born in London in 1965 and today lives and works in Whitstable, Kent, UK. He studied Art History at the University of Manchester and Fine Art at Goldsmiths College. His context-specific works in a wide range of mediums, from videos to installations, performance and painting, focus on the intersections between fiction and reality and on the traces of reality shifts in objects, places, but also audiences and networks of people. For this particular project he was mostly interested in using archival material from the Benaki Museum to imagine a transposition of roles among the custodians of works of art, but also of their meaning outside a certain context, and speculate on the potential of the intuitive reactions they trigger.

    Text courtesy of the Benaki Museum

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