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The Journal Art of Barbara Rosenthal

This month, the Center for Book Arts is displaying 12 of the 72 volumes of Journals I’ve kept since age 11 in 1959, along with my 1986 book Homo Futurus and the Homo Futurus wall work as part of “Silence Unbound” curated by Heather Powell. The Journals had been something I kept parallel to my […]

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Soul-Picture Landscape Photographs: Kirsten Pinz, Bela Letto and Barbara Rosenthal in Berlin

Viewers expect photography to portray the outer world, and with greater accuracy than other media. But the best fine art photography expresses the photographer’s inner mind. In Berlin this summer, the photo-text-music-video installation Seelenbilder und Landschaften (Landscapes as Artist’s Metaphor) at Galerie Christian Glass, presented three international fine-arts photographers who portray real, recognizable imagery in […]

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Barbara Rosenthal Represents U.S. @ Prague Contemporary Art Festival

Push Me is a photo-image-text-performance-audio-video DVD projection (6 minutes, looped). Various vicissitude appear as hectic text over Rosenthal’s nude body. The artist’s response to the damaging pressures of life. Ironic, black humor interplay in which all viewers will recognize their own lives and the unfortunate realities of human history through the ages.  Push Me is […]

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Existential Cartoons: Barbara Rosenthal in Moscow

One of the oldest exhibition spaces for contemporary art in Moscow, L-gallery, presents the project of New York avangardist Barbara Rosenthal, " Existential Cartoons".  The theme of an individual’s reflection and self-identification within larger society has consumed artist Barbara Rosenthal for many years.  Her use of performance/installation for creative expression began in 1968, before that […]

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All Great Art is Myth: John Baldessari at Marian Goodman – Barbara Rosenthal

Art is a coded projection. All great art is myth. In contemplating this new solo show of 18 stunning, mixed media conceptual photography works by the ever-imaginative, ever-growing John Baldessari, it is possible to ask questions of the works that lesser artists might also try, and fail, to answer in theirs. Baldessari himself doesn’t try […]

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Self-Devolution in Beijing – Barbara Rosenthal

As a first-rate artist showing at a nice second-tier venue in the third world twice in the past six months, I can report back to my homies in NY with a comparison, and some helpful info. I have come to Beijing for a one-month Artist’s Residency at Red Gate Gallery Bei Gao Studios, fabricating work […]

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Co-Conspirators: Artist and Collector: Chelsea Museum, NY – Barbara Rosenthal

In discussing a group show, what is often of supreme interest is how the artists have interpreted whatever commonality caused the curator to hang them together, even if that thread had been unknown to them at the times of creation Co-Conspirators: Artist and Collector: Chelsea Museum, NY Barbara Rosenthal Miguel Barcelo, Donkey Soup. Courtesy of […]

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Allan McCollum Is Not Locked In – By Barbara Rosenthal

It is admirable when an artist is not locked in to a particular style, visual expectation or set of presumptions, but instead feels free enough and confident enough in their own equilibrium to allow their mind whatever paths or flights of exploration it pursues. Allan McCollum Is Not Locked In By Barbara Rosenthal Allan McCollum […]

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The Way In and The Way Out: At the Nomadic Museum – Barbara Rosenthal

Entering a vast, soaring, controlled space, quietly lit by warm rectangular spotlights and focused by eastern music, we feel our blood pressure lower, mood relax, judgment cease. We walk a colonnaded wooden aisle past suspended, uncluttered sepia photographs of closed-eyed, adolescent Buddhist monks leaning gently against kneeling, untethered elephants. Girls swathed in white Indian fabrics […]

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Hawkinson: Artist as Center of the Universe – Barbara Rosenthal

To ourselves we are invisible. We have holes, lenses, where other people have faces, full bodies. With playful wit, Tim Hawkinson presents the possibilities of the world as an extension of his body and of his capabilities, particularly the manual and sound-producing. Hawkinson: Artist as Center of the Universe Barbara Rosenthal To ourselves we are […]

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