• Lechitzat Yadaim at Lichtundfire Gallery

    Date posted: August 6, 2016 Author: jolanta


    Opening Reception: August 17th, 8pm – 9pm.

    Aug. 17-Aug. 23, 2016

    From the official press release by XiMT Photography-

    XiMT Photography announces Matan Tzinamon’s first solo exhibition in New York, at LICHTUNDFIRE (Gallery) in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.

    This exhibition displays a selection of images that capture a broad, yet distinct, current social issue – “Communication.” Lechitzat Yadaim means “a handshake” in Hebrew, and with this exhibition Matan Tzinamon is expressing the issue of a lack of communication in today’s world, offering a simple solution: let your eyes do the handshaking, and open a window for more genuine communication. Tzinamon believes that the future of communication depends on preserving eye contact.

    Matan Tzinamon, born and raised in Israel, explains that the increased dependence on communication via electronic devices, and decrease of communication through the eyes or in person is one of the route causes of the state our world is in today. Eye contact, our most basic form of communication, has been substituted by devices that have become the most common way to run away from our illusionary fears.

    “My body of work reflects the importance of preserving eye contact as a way of communication, and allows the viewer to “shake hands” with my images, by simply looking into their eyes. Through my exhibition, I wish to see the viewer take the experience of my art to the outside world, and help me start creating more handshakes – Lechitzot Yadaim. Lets take the effort and use our eyes to shake more hands.” (Matan Tzinamon, August 2016)


    New York, NY 10002

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