• (re)create Residency Award Exhibition At Whitebox Art Center

    Date posted: February 7, 2015 Author: jolanta


    Laura Splan, Collaboration With The Sun #03

    Laura Splan, Collaboration With The Sun #03

    (re)create Residency Award Exhibition At Whitebox Art Center on
    February 17, 2015

    Reception from 2-7pm with moderated discussion at 6pm
    New York, NY — January 25, 2015 — (re)-create, a new, non-profit arts
    organization, is pleased to announce an exhibit of work by the recipients of its
    first artist’s residency, Laura Splan (www.laurasplan.com) and Ève K. Tremblay
    (www.evektremblay.com). (re)create’s mission is to support work that
    synthesizes “art, sustainability, cultural & personal renewal” and those who make
    it. Thrown into the Idaho wilderness on the shores of Hayden Lake in Kootenai
    County, the artists spent two weeks in a rustic camp setting with no requirement
    other than to leave a “trace” of their experiences, a selection of which will be on
    view at Whitebox Art Center (329 Broome St., New York, NY) this February!

    Splan’s works on paper and video present a retooling of Surrealist automatic
    drawings. During her residency, she constructed drawing instruments using
    found charcoal, twigs, and string attached to solar-powered motors. Pieces of
    charcoal salvaged from the campfire were moved across paper by the motor
    vibrations. The clumsy, iterative movements created abstract marks easily
    mistaken for those of a human hand. The chalky compositions materialize the
    ephemeral forces of nature. “Collaboration” within the project emerges where
    chance, idiosyncrasies, and arbitrary parameters collide. Timing and placement
    became the marks of the artist, while technical glitches and fluctuations in
    sunlight became the unique gestural marks of the instruments.

    Tremblay takes a more personal approach. Based on an invented family magic
    bird mythology, pyrometric cones normally used inside her father’s ceramic kilns
    to monitor temperature are staged in a series of mini ephemeral land art
    installations entitled Suite cone pyrometriques. Unfired the cones are straight and
    colored, once fired they melt in different shapes and turn white. Photographed
    they find evocative shapes and new roles as sculptural objects, forming scenes
    of a larger project Tremblay calls Madeleines minerales, a Proustian body of
    work including fired and unfired ceramic pieces and photographs.

    (re)create happily invites you to this double journey through imaginary Idahoan
    landscapes, guided by an artist talk at 6pm, February 17, 2015.


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