• 10th Annual 100 Artists Exhibition at Ouchi Gallery

    Date posted: June 1, 2015 Author: jolanta


    Ouchi Gallery is proud to announce its 10th Annual 100 Artists Exhibition in Brooklyn, NY.  The show comprises one-hundered works from different artists from all over the world, centering their work on the theme of TOKYO.

    OPENING: Friday June 12th, 7-10PM EXHIBIT RUNS: June 13th through June 28th (closed Mondays and Appointment only Wednesdays, open 12-6PM)

    LOCATION: Ouchi Gallery, 170 Tillary Street, Suite 105 (Downtown Brooklyn)

    Ouchi Gallery, established in 2008, is a Brooklyn-based gallery that mainly represents Japanese artists. Its name is derived from the Japanese word for “house” or “home”, reflecting the home-like setting of the space. The gallery’s concept stems from owner Arisa Itami’s experience with an artist who was living, breathing, and being one with art. After deciding to hold an exhibition for that artist, she founded Ouchi Gallery. The Ouchi Staff strives to express that “art is a part of life,” which is why the gallery displays works that are more accessible and affordable.

    Since its inception in June 2010, the idea behind the 100 Artists Exhibition was to establish a sense of community amongst the vast array of cultures coexisting in Brooklyn. Although Ouchi Gallery is known to be home to JCAT (Japanese Contemporary Artists Team), they also hold receptions for local artist in their Gallery II, allowing a mix of culture and personality to ferment inside the space. This show is no different as Japanese artists and artists from all over the world are brought together, resulting in a fascinating mixture of styles and techniques.

    This year’s theme is TOKYO. Following the announcement of the 2020 olympics hosted by Japan, interna- tional media attention has flooded into the island country. Tokyo resembles New York, as it is a place where many different Japanese people converge. These similarities inspired the staff to pick this year’s theme.

    The 100 Artists Exhibition is always the gallery’s biggest and most well-attended event of the year. To go along with the art, there will be live music, a lighting performance as well as an interactive installation cre- ated by the participants.

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